Why? Because it’s pretty brilliant. You may never cook bacon the same way again. We don’t go posting videos about how to cook bacon every day, you know. (It isn’t the most gorgeous thing to look at on our homepage.) Still – we’re giving this method a go for Saturday’s breakfast. (UPDATE: I just tried it and photographed the results! All the photos of bacon seen here are from my own attempt.)

In two weeks, the video has gotten more than 100,000 hits. Check it out and see why.

THEN… scroll down and see our verdict!


Our verdict: The bacon took longer to cook than the ways I’ve tried before, but it was, quite truthfully, the BEST bacon I’ve ever made. Tender and yet crispy, beautifully carmelized, and delicious.

Not only that, it was also the best LOOKING. (It’s pictured above, at right, and below.) Beautfully browned, not curled up and sad looking, but long, appetizing strips! Definitely worth the extra time.





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