New York City is a mecca for holiday sightseers. So look no further than Sak’s Fifth Avenue for holiday decorating in a spectacular fashion.

Here the decor is always high glamour, and when you’ve got merch to sell, that means the trees are decked out beautifully and plentifully . This white tree filled with horns and bells is one example of how a full tree can be both attractive and inspiring.

This tree is flocked with spray snow, but if that’s not your thing, the same ideas here could be just as beautiful on a natural fir, scottish pine or spruce.

The french horns you see are sizable, (and not metal, by the way – they’re plastic or resin) and multiplied throughout the tree. If you can only find the brass french horns, don’t be afraid to give them a light spray of brown for a slightly tarnished or worn look, like you see here.

The orange berry garland can easily be found at a craft or hobby store.

The addition of birds gives the tree a breath of life. At least one of them was sitting on the curve of the horn.

Sleigh bells are scattered throughout. repeating the theme of music ringing through the holiday. Add in pine cones, dusted with a spray of white, or natural, to give a more natural feel.

And remember, if you come to New York City – remember that the holiday decorations are not limited to the windows! There are so many surprises waiting inside!


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