Take “keep it simple” to a beautiful extreme with a white tree with white lights. This spruce was given the flocking of it’s life, while the lights were on it, and placed in the corner with golden, sheer and shimmery fabric at the base. Here, the shiny oak floors mirror the brilliant light above. If you’re looking for a back to basics kind of Christmas, this may be all you need!

Now for some you, this is a blank canvas crying out for some ornaments. (Can’t blame you – sometimes, with the holidays, more is more!) So why not add silvers, whites, and other metallics to multiply the luster?  Whatever the case, there’s something beautifully simple about this.

This tree was sitting in a ballroom of Spokane Washington’s Davenport Hotel during a recent trip for Thanksgiving. The emergence of holiday trees was a welcome sight, and this one sat alone in quite an expansive space. Call it ‘having a moment’ but it was just us and the tree in this enormous room, and it created such a glow in an otherwise unlit space that it was almost moving. After hearing a lot of whining and moaning from people about the holidays being introduced too soon (yes, the decor often comes in the day after halloween now) it was a nice reminder of why I look forward to this season so much.

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