After years of skipping vacations, living outside of New York City instead of in the city, and doing home improvements ourselves instead of hiring out, Dennis and I just bought a lake house in rural Pennsylvania. As in, make sure you get everything you need at the grocery store, because it takes too long to turn back rural.

The place is a fairly new (built in 2003) home built on the water. On the upside, there isn’t much that NEEDS to be done, but there is plenty of stuff that we WANT to do. (Paint cabinets, put in hardwood floors, redo the back deck, landscape the beach area, and more. All-in-all, we want to give a look we’re calling Rustic Contemporary. The rustic elements you find in a cabin, with all the modern conveniences. Eclectic furniture pieces that are comfortable and collected. Some are brand new, some we found in a dumpster and refurbished, and others were left behind by the previous owners.

And so begins what we’re tentatively calling ‘Project Lakehouse’ – at least until we come up with a better name for it. (We’re too busy butting heads about colors and finishes to put a name on the process!)

Follow along here on POPgoesTheHome! The updates will be coming one small project at a time!

Feel free to weigh in with your ideas and suggestions!

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