In a loft space, sometimes it’s worth going outside the ordinary.

Even before I lived in a loft, I had always wanted a tall, skinny Christmas tree. But after getting a loft with 17 foot ceilings, we practically needed one.

While walking through Target a few years ago – I found a completely untraditional, but fun solution. I saw a 6 1/2 foot champagne colored tree that sold for $69,95. Not that tall, really… but then I noticed it came in several pieces.

I decided it might be fun to get TWO of these slim trees and stack them on top of each other. (They assemble in the center like tent poles, or curtain rods, one slipping inside the other.)

After putting the two trees together, discarding the extra treetop piece, we had an eleven foot tree… and placed it on a raised area where the bar is located. There, the ceilings are about 13 feet tall, and it fit in the space nicely.  After wrapping it with strings of white lights, we jam-packed it with ornaments in browns, golds, silvers, ambers and more.


We couldn’t actually give you the closeup look we wanted to with just one photo, so here are a bunch of frames for more detail.

Sure, this look isn’t for everyone. Even we decided that we’d try for something else the next year, but then again – that’s pretty much what we decide every year! We’ve kept all the pieces so the tree can be used in other areas of the home, or if someone we do decorating for is ready for something a little different.


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