Sometimes you want a secret stash of Halloween candy just for yourself. Simple as that. Candy Corn is addictive even when you think you don’t like it… Try and avoid it – it still beckons you. Some gumballs in the standard orange and black, and suddenly you’ve got a theme going.

Use white earthenware and porcelain for serving, a black candlestick, a glossy table black runner, and you’ve got a simple, almost modern approach. You may not have that brocade wallpaper on your wall. So what! Put wrapping paper in a big frame behind it. A pumpkin painted white, some small dishes, and you’ve got just enough candy to satisfy your sweet tooth without losing any at the dentist. Beautifully simple.

In this other example, plain white urns arranged in three (threes always work!) let the candy be the sole headliner. Gumballs and candy corn is all you need for the sweet tooth that doesn’t want to overindulge.

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