Santa never looked so statuesque! This mantel takes ‘green’ in a beautiful, earthy direction that’s a unique approach to holiday color.

Sure, green is one of the immediate colors that come to mind for the holiday – but usually it’s the traditional approach: the classic holiday kelly green shade, paired with red… or the color of pine tree branches.

But this is a different approach. Busts are big this season – (okay, I set myself up for a few jokes!) but it’s true… and this clay (not stone, although it sure looks like it) is a great way to re-interpret the holidays with a unusual, still classically pleasing approach.

Call this guy a modern approach to santa (father time, maybe?) but somehow, with the pine branches sticking out of his hollow head (It’s intended to be used as a planter) ornaments, greens, and  lights surrounding him, even this unlikely garden fixture suddenly creates a great holiday pop.

As always, a glass jar of ornaments doesn’t disappoint in bringing height and whimsy to a mantel. Without it here, the bust would command to much height for the area, but with it, you immediately gain some balance and proportion. (This jar has been used in our home for a million things. Off season it has held some moss balls, dried artichokes, little pine cones, you name it. You can’t go wrong having a bunch of big glass urns or jars.)

And say what you want about fake greenery, but never is it more acceptable than during the holidays, and it has never looked more realistic than it does today. You may pay about the same amount you would for real, lush greens (which I also love, obviously) but they’ll last for many years. And of course, pine cones… some natural, others tipped in a snowy white finish, fill in the gaps here and provide visual texture and interest. And of course, they’re a great reminder of the outdoors.

If I had my way, I’d keep white twinkle holiday lights up year round. They immediately say cheer! Why not spread that feeling around?

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