These haunting displays are sure to incite a treat or a trick on a ghoulish night.

We love the spookiness of Halloween, but sometimes a green, organic theme is what we’re feeling… We made these sophisticated but spooky garden motifs for our coffee table in no time.

Skulls are a Halloween favorite around our house… (we have three) here one sits upon a grey urn with a bed of synthetic moss. (You’d never know it wasn’t real.) It’s backed by a tall urn holding a trio of plants: A miniature aborvitae, a fern and a moss. To the left, an English urn holds falling ivy, cradling a white pumpkin. Again, candlelight adds a warm glow. In front, another white pumpkin vies for attention.


Next, we gave one of our garden statues top billing…



This quirky garden planter has a hole in the top of her head… whatever you plant creates the illusion of a flow of hair. In this case, a small fir tree, creating an enigmatic look.We’ve placed a white paper mache mask from a Halloween store to celebrate the seeason. Two medium sized pumpkins, originally cream in color, were painted white to pump up the volume.  Alongside, a concrete garden orb, white candle on a pedestal, and a rubber white lab rat.

All in all, a very clean and natural approach that’s not too over the top.

Keep the pumpkins after Halloween… we’ll be trying some projects with them for Thanksgiving!

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