Here’s one of my weaknesses: If I had the space, I could EASILY be a furniture hoarder. But if you found a chair like this  sitting by a dumptser… wouldn’t you pick it up?!?

One day I found this beautifully detailed chair that probably lived a hard life somewhere. The spindled detailing, topping off the seat back of the chair had been broken off.  The cushion had seen a few too many backsides, and was sinking down into a decaying web of upholsterers fabric.

But like so many things abandoned – sometimes a little tender loving care is all it needs.

In this case, we replaced the broken spindles with what almost looked like chess pieces, but were in fact found at a craft store in the woodworking section. A little high grade adhesive later, and you’d never know they weren’t meant to be there.

The old cushion and wiring were torn out in favor of a strong piece of wood for support, then a VERY thick piece of padding, and then several layers of batting. (If you’re unfamiliar with batting, it’s a thin sort of padding that comes in a roll and gives you a lot more flexibility than thick cut padding. The two work wonderfully together. The batting allows to accomodate curves in a way that padding doesn’t. (For the novice, at least!)

We also made a trip to the fabric store. (In this case MOOD – the one that has become known for frantic Project Runway competitors scampering about in search of the perfect bolt!) We opted for a FAUX fur that feels amazing to the touch. This crazy unkempt ‘fur’ would also hide a multitude of sins when we got to wrapping it around the arms, which run right into the cushion.

After using a dark brown stain (trust me, the details of the wood still show up – the lighting here doesn’t do it justice!) we got to work on the plywood underseat, padding, batting, and faux fur. A staple gun brought it all together into a tight, firm seat that still feels wonderful to sit on.

Now this chair has a second, or perhaps even third life! I often wonder where this sat before, and what stories it could tell.  I’m glad it has a few more stories ahead of it too.

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