Halloween Skull Vignette

File this under ‘more is more‘: A black armoire is the setting for an eclectic collection of spooky sights of the season.

Haunted houses are notoriously stuffed with creepy creatures, and so is this arrangement – but somehow, it still manages to look eerily elegant.

Here, a skull takes center stage, adorned with a small hat and veil. A black crow and a white rat are two creatures you’d generally prefer never to see inside… but here their fake counterparts add to the mood.

Below, see the piece by piece breakdown of what brings this vignette together and where the items came from.

Here’s the breakdown¬†(Click photo to enlarge):

1) Tarnished Silver Creamer: A flea market find for just a couple of bucks. And here’s the one time that a piece of silver is better unpolished! On the top is a securely nested pillar candle.

2) Wide pillar candles from Target, the higher one sitting on a black wide candleholder.

3) Paper mache mask with white ribbon from a Halloween store. (Any mask will do!)

4) Small Mercury glass votive candle holders. (Another one can be found at right.) The one on the left is stacked on a piece of earthenware.

5) Black flowers. Yes, black fake flowers. Never thought we’d need them, but look no further than Michael’s or AC Moore for all the filler you need. They hide a multitude of sins for vignettes like these, where you often find yourself stacking on risers.

6) Skull, From Target.

7) White pumpkins on two different urns.

8) A wrought iron candlestick holder for two tapers.

9) A rubber rat from a Halloween Store.

10) A black crow from Michael’s craft store.

If there was any ‘rule’ per se to this vignette, is to try and maintain a sense of height in the center, allowing the smaller pieces to taper down on the side. With the number of things in this arrangement, it helps keep your eyes from going batty.

Together, these pieces create a tea party of freaky frights waiting to come to life when you turn your head the other way. Happy Halloween!

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