To cure the winter blues, plant paperwhites right after Christmas.  January can be a dull uneventful month but these easy-to-grow beauties are actually exciting to check in on each day. Sometimes you’ll swear you can actually see them growing! From bulb to bloom, they’ll be inspiring as you wait for Spring’s return.  You can plant them in soil or pebbles.

Follow the instructions on the packaging, but as a general rule of thumb the bulbs are planted with just a bit of them crowning above the soil.

After 1 to 2 weeks they will grow 6″ to a foot. Another week or two and they will have buds, and after a few more weeks FLOWERS two feet tall!

Customarily you are instructed to plant a bunch in one large pot – but you can choose almost any vessel you like – they are nearly foolproof, so get creative! Here, I chose a medley of vessels of different shapes and sizes.



To keep them standing tall rotate your pots because they lean toward the sun, and check water levels every couple of days.  For this display I picked silver containers and added Spanish moss once the stems were sturdy.  Happy New Year!

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